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What Customers are Saying

Brandy Treinen

“ I absolutely love my new swimsuit! There is something about the combination of cut and material that makes it fit wonderfully. Could not be more happy =) ”

The Sharrari Promise

All fabric made custom for SHARRARI and is grown, milled, and sewn domestically. A premium blend of 80/20 nylon spandex that is very soft to the touch and gives excellent support to the body and your curves. Peacock Feather Crochet is French-Canadian made and extremely durable for an active lifestyle. 100% nylon with full stretch. All suits are fully lined with our custom made swimwear fabric. All hardware is made with real gold flake and silver for a elegant finish. Nylon coated so all pieces are chlorine and saltwater proof to last the life of the suit. Each piece is personally inspected by the designer for perfect fit and finish.